OMDT Template - Onboarding and Management of your Dream Team - English

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With the OMDT Template, recruit without headaches and easily maintain the A-Player culture that fits your Dream Team!

Why did I create this template?

Recruiting is always a complicated phase for an entrepreneur. It is costly in time and energy. It is truly strategic and the risk of error can be costly...

It leaves doubt and we all need tools to help us manage this step.

Managing a team, even more so if it evolves in telecommuting, is complex. It is difficult to create a company culture, to clarify the missions of each person, to create contact.

It is to remedy all this that I created this template.

This template is for you if...

  • You want to rely on a tool to manage your recruitment

  • You want to provide your team with a rich, efficient and scalable directory

  • You want to clearly define the job descriptions and the missions of each person

  • You want to share your job offers directly, without intermediaries


Does this template work with Notion's free plan?

Yes ! This template is fully functional with Notion's free plan. Do not hesitate !

Can I integrate this template into my Workspace Notion?

Sure ! It is even recommended. Notion always becomes more pleasant as you improve your general organization.

If I need help, what should I do?

It will be a pleasure to be able to discuss and help you. My contact details are at the bottom of the template. Get in touch with me and let's talk!

Can I duplicate this template to share it with my friends or my team?

This is a personal license so it is not possible. But do not hesitate to share with them the link of this page so that they can also benefit from it. Thank you so much !

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OMDT Template - Onboarding and Management of your Dream Team - English

4 ratings
I want this!